Aquadeus, Source of life


Fuente Arquillo, the only spring in the province of Albacete, springs forth in the municipality of Masegoso, within the protected natural area of the Laguna de El Arquillo (El Arquillo Lagoon) natural monument, in the Sierra de Alcaraz (Alcaraz Sierra).
The tapped water emanate from the infiltration of rainwater or snow into the terrain, for this reason our “Fuente Arquillo” natural mineral water is extracted from an underground aquifer already mineralised naturally from its source, due to the rocky materials through which passes through. The tapped waters are calcium bicarbonate -magnesium nature and of weak mineralisation. Its mineralisation makes it truly unique and furnishes its identity and its unique taste.


Natural environment


Protected from any contamination, in an area of notable ecological value, Aquadeus springs forth, probably one of the most balanced natural mineral waters on the market and its chemical composition makes it unique in the world. In this privileged natural surroundings, each drop of rain travels through the rock materials formed millions of years ago, this rain filters through the rocks balancing its chemical composition and emerge at a constant temperature of 12°C throughout the year, which ensures its qualities remain intact throughout the product’s life cycle.

A different water


Our hallmark is found in our chemical composition. The Fuente Arquillo natural mineral water possesses a weak mineralisation with a value of 296mg/l dry residue at 180ºC, it is similarly low in sodium with only 3.3mg/l, it is calorie free and has the perfect balance between bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium, which is why it is the ideal choice for preparing infant foods and is suitable for low sodium diets.