Aquadeus a company in constant
evolution and growth


Aquadeus, a natural mineral water company, with a clear work philosophy, based on quality, service and innovation. This commitment to continuous improvement allows us to offer the market one of the best mineral waters due to its chemical composition..


Aquadeus, is part of the Grupo Fuertes and Roxane Group


The Grupo Fuertes is a holding company made up of twenty companies and has over 6,500 workers. Comprising of a solid agri-food core and a collection of diversified investments.
From among the best known companies which make up the group are ElPozo Alimentación, Fripozo, Aquadeus, Palancares Alimentación, Bodegas Luzón, Profusa, Vis Hoteles or Terra Natura amusement parks.


The holding company bases its business philosophy on continuous improvement, reinvestment and sustainable development. Having a code of conduct which reinforces its commitment to excellence and promotes a working environment that fosters the integrity of individuals and environmental friendliness.


The Grupo Roxane is the leading European bottled water producer. Having over 42 water bottlers in Europe, over 60 years of experience in the sector, in permanent and continuous expansion. Roxane is synonymous with quality assurance, uses industrial tools at the forefront of technology; produces both own brands and co-packing; one of which is, Cristaline is leader in the French water market. This company works in satisfying the needs of consumers and their health.