Aquadeus grows by 15 per cent in 2017 driven by innovation and water quality

23 april 2018

It had a turnover of 25 million euros and has made advances in countries such as Morocco, Panama and Kuwait

The water Aquadeus has positioned itself as one of the most balanced and better quality waters in the world.

The company is investing in 2018 more than 3 million euros in extending its facilities and starting up a line of bottled sparkling wáter

Sales of the natural mineral water company Aquadeus, part of Grupo Fuertes, increased in the last financial year 2017 by 15 per cent, reaching a turnover of 25 million euros, driven mainly by the recognition of its quality and the launch of new products. Among its main novelties the rose coloured 1-litre bottle and the 33ml bottles with characters from the children´s cartoon series Yo-Kai Watch particularly stand out.

The water Aquadeus has just come away with the gold medal in the International Gourmet Water Competition in Paris for its quality; and has been chosen as one of the best bottled waters in Spain, by the Consumers and Users Organisation (OCU) four years running for its chemical composition. These recognitions position it as one of the most balanced and better quality natural mineral waters in the world.

The company also continues to make progress abroad, where its turnover has grown by 30 per cent, in countries which include Morocco, Panama or Kuwait. It has also increased its presence in the hospitality sector, which now represents 30 per cent of its sales.

With regards to investments, for 2018 Aquadeus has aimed an amount greater than 3 million euros to increase its facilities and start up a line of bottled sparkling water, given the good results obtained with this product, whose sales doubled in the last 12 months; and a new multi-format line of natural mineral water. Both lines will be operational from the summer on. Sparkling water is very much in demand in Spain, especially in the Levante area (the east coast), the archipelagos and North Africa. It also plans to increase the capacity of its warehouse up to 20,000 pallets.

These investments will make it easier to increase the number of workers by approximately 10 per cent. 

Committed to society

Aquadeus permanently promotes its solidarity and steadfast commitment to improving society. In 2017 it donated 424,000 litres of water to various Food Banks, Charities, NGOs and not-for-profit associations, which is a total of 115,000 litres more than the previous year. It also collaborates with social and cultural type events.

In addition, it is an official provider of mineral water for sporting teams coming from various geographical points in Spain, resolutely committed to the promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle habits, values which are completely in line with it business philosophy in defence of a better quality of life, points which coincide with the different sporting projects it sponsors.

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