Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between bottled water and tap water?

Natural mineral waters emanate from a well defined and protected underground area and its composition is always the same, directly delivered to the consumer from nature and is not subjected to any chemical or microbiological treatment. Whilst tap water or running water may emanate from several sources, including underground, surface and treated wastewater. Furthermore, their chemical composition is variable, factors such as the climate, the pipes which they pass through or the products which are used in its purification process impinge therein.


Why shouldn’t we reuse the bottles?

It is not recommended to reuse the bottles for several reasons. On the one hand, to prevent fraud (the company of the brand on the label may be solely liable as regards the quality and safety of the product which is packaged); and on the other, to prevent accidents, given that on certain occasions, the mineral water containers are filled with products which have nothing to do with the consumption of foodstuffs, and there may be confusions and accidental consumption of these products.


Is the bottles’ plastic a safe material?

The packaging is essential so that the mineral water can be stored and distributed under conditions of hygiene and safety for its consumption. The sector is governed by very strict laws on materials in contact with food which guarantees the safety of the packaging and is regularly reviewed. That is why the PET with which our packaging is manufactured, is an absolutely safe material, which complies with all European and national statutory requirements.


Does the bottled water lose its use by date?

Bottled water does not lose its use by date. Nevertheless, the law stipulates a best-before date which specifies to the consumer the period in which the mineral water preserves all its properties intact.


Where can I buy the Aquadeus 1L Bienestar (Wellbeing) Pack which is offered in collaboration with Feder?

For the purposes of knowing in which supermarket you can find your solidarity pack, get in touch with us, and according to your municipality of residence, we’ll will tell you where to buy this pack.


Why is Aquadeus ideal for children’s nutrition?

Natural mineral water is the non-nutritional drink which must be given to children during meals as well as between meals as a healthy lifestyle habit that prevents excess weight or obesity as it has no calories at all and similarly favours the proper functioning of the kidney.
During infancy, dehydration is much more susceptible and severe than in adulthood reason why it is necessary to pay special attention as children have a lesser capacity of expressing the sensation of being thirsty.
It is recommended to drink sufficient water daily which ranges between 0.6 litres in the first year of life and 1.8-2.6 litres in adolescence.


And what about sports?

When playing sports and especially in intense and prolonged physical exercises, it is vitally important to replenish the loss of electrolytes consumed by the body through the intake of water. For this reason, it is essential, always to have at hand, a bottle of Aquadeus natural mineral water which ensures a proper quality hydration to prevent progressive dehydration and its consequences. Therefore, we must maintain adequate hydration, before, during and after any physical exercise in a responsible and safe practice of playing sport.


What are the benefits of drinking natural mineral water?

Drinking natural mineral water is one of the healthiest and most natural ways to hydrate oneself. Sustaining hydration has the following benefits:


  1. Helps facilitate the conveying of nutrients to cells
  2. Constructs the medium where the metabolic reactions of cells are created
  3. Aids in the absorption, digestion and waste disposal processes
  4. Provides lubrication to structures and tissues
  5. Collaborates in the regulation of body temperature.
  6. Helps reduce dehydration and the risk of impaired cognitive function
  7. Helps prevent mild dehydration chronic diseases.


How much should we drink per day?

The amount of water needed by the body varies depending on various factors such as age, sex, physical activity level, diet or climate. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommendations, a healthy adult, with a moderate level of physical activity and in a temperate climate, must regularly drink at least 2L of water for men, and 1.6L for women, throughout the day. Each day we lose water, approximately 2.6L of water in an adult caused naturally by the physiological functioning of the body, although we do not lose only water, losing also lose sodium, potassium, calcium, fluoride and other electrolytes, reason why it is very important to hydrate oneself with a balanced natural mineral composition water to replenish those electrolytes.