Comparison of waters


The minerals in the form of salts present in the natural mineral waters are necessary and healthy. The main minerals are calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates which play a key role in many metabolic processes.


  • Calcium: Helps strengthen bones and teeth. Favours blood clotting and nerve transmission.
  • Magnesium: Helps the muscle relaxation, it is a pain reliever, also participates in the energy balance of the neurons, thus maintaining a healthy nervous system. Helps growth by facilitating the fixation of calcium in bone tissue.
  • Bicarbonate: They help digestion and neutralises gastric secretion.
  • Sodium: Regulates the water balance of our tissues, the conveyance of nerve impulses between the nerves and muscular system. Aquadeus is a water suitable for low sodium diets.
  • Chloride: Participates in carrying oxygen to the cells, maintains the correct pH level in the gastric juices and stabilises body fluids.
  • Fluoride: Strengthens tooth enamel preventing tooth diseases. The excess of this compound is toxic and may cause fluorosis, with the opposite effect that we sought, since it weakens the enamel (causing more cavities), and weakens our bones (decalcification and osteoporosis).
  • Sulphates: Helps the digestive system in general and the skin.


Aquadeus possesses 296 mg/l of dry residue making it a water of weak mineralisation. The dry residue is not a measurement of water impurities, but specifies the level of minerals in the water, a method of measuring the amount of total minerals (including nutrients) naturally found in natural mineral waters. The secret of natural mineral waters lies in its mineralisation.


Aquadeus certifications

AQUADEUS S.L. has been certified in the IFS standard since 2010, obtaining year after year, a qualification of superior level. IFS Food is an international food safety standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies which manufacture foods. It focuses on the safety and food quality of processed products The Quality Management and Food Safety Management System intends to satisfy customers, thanks to the development of adequate products in order to maintain the safety of the final products.


What benefits does the IFS standard have?


  • Provides guarantees on critical aspects of its food safety processes, including compliance with HACCP principles, safe hygiene practices, maintenance of traceability and commitment of senior management in relation to its responsibility in the management of these processes.
  • It is a clear evidence of compliance with food safety legislation.
  • It facilitates the control of all stages of production, minimising risks of pollution.


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